Water-Resistant Shade Awnings

If you need an awning for shade only and don’t camp in inclement weather you may be interested in an awning made with Polyester Outdoor Decor Fabric. There are literally thousands of Water-Resistant outdoor-grade polyester decor fabrics available that are made to coordinate for a completely personalized Shade Awning.

These screenprinted indoor/outdoor fabrics are perfect for any project where the fabric will be exposed to the elements.    The color and pattern options with Polyester Decor Fabrics are endless, and can also be a more affordable option than Waterproof Acrylic Canvas. These fabrics are ideal for our Pop-Up Cabanas and Pop-Up Gazebos, Picnic Table Sets, Storage and Pole Bags, and Bunting Banner Flags.

Polyester Decor Fabrics are UV rated between 500-1000 hours of direct sunlight before fading. Taken care of, awnings made with Polyester Decor fabrics will last you for many years to come. There are several popular brands available in Polyester Decor Fabrics to choose from like TerrasolRichloom SolariumPremier PrintsTommy BahamaPK Lifestyles, and many more.

Polyester Decor Awnings are best for shade-only !