About Us......

Julie Paul Bennett Little River Mendocino California
Paul & Julie Bennett, Owners of Pink Flamingo Awnings
Our 1962 Airstream Trade Wind "Alice"

We are thrilled and grateful everytime we see one of our patrons displaying their Pink Flamingo Awning on their vintage camper trailer.  Pink Flamingo Awning clients know they are getting a custom handmade awning, worthy of their prized vintage camper trailer.

When we first started getting interested in Vintage Trailers, they were an afforadable camping option and were becoming extremely popular.  Julie used her lifelong sewing skills and made the awnings and interior textiles for our trailers restoration projects.  We have put our heart and souls into renovating and restoring these beautiful trailers, and we proudly display them Vintage Trailer Rallies and our usual campouts.  

Then one day…..

We stumbled on a surplus of outdoor fabric. We took a gamble and Julie made a dozen awnings of different sizes and colors and put them on a popular handmade commerce site.  At first we were concerned that there wouldn’t be much interest but it didn’t take long to change our minds.  Our small inventory was sold out in 2 short weeks, we had a dozen or so additional custom orders requested within the following month.  All the reviews we received were overwhelmingly wonderful and word spread quickly.

We decided then…..

Create the highest quality, handmade, custom awnings for our clients.  As it turns out, the road to success is always a bit more difficult than we imagine. Growth and demand for our awnings has been consistently increasing every year.  We have had to define and refine our business model numerous times, and have finally come up with one that has proven to fit our clients needs and our active lifestyle.  We engage highly trained independent contractors to help us keep up with production, while Julie remains the primary awning architect and works directly with the clients in every element of design.  We look forward to working with you too in creating the awning of your dreams!  Our awnings, pop-up canopies, and matching accessories will increase the size and functionality of your outdoor living space and create a welcoming environment for relaxing and making outdoor camping memories.