Pop-Up Cabana Covers

Pink Flamingo Awnings now offers Dressing Cabana covers to add to your outdoor living space.  These 4′ x 4′ outdoor cabanas are perfect for dressing if you have a teardrop or small trailer with no water closet or bathroom.  Do you just need some extra storage space?  These roomy cabanas are easy to set up and can be made to match your awning and accessories.  The Cabana Covers come in two pieces; the body wrap, and the roof.  We can use a waterproof fabric for the roof and make the body wrap a fun color, or make the whole thing either waterproof or water resistant.  

Pink Flamingo Awnings does not sell the frame you need for your 4×4 Pop-Up Cabana.  You will need to buy your own 4×4 frame from Impact Canopy.   They also have a 5×5 frame, but we are currently not producing this size.  Impact Canopies frames are sold on many different websites, and are less than $100 with free shipping.  

When you order your Cabana frame from Impact Canopies, it will come with a “stock” cover.  Currently they only offer Black/White Stripe or Navy/White Stripe.  These “stock ” covers are of thin and of poor quality.    We recommend keeping them when you’re in a situation where birds or tree sap might fall and you don’t want your prized cabana cover taking the hit. 

If you don’t want to keep the cover that comes with your canopy, we will be happy to take it in and recycle the materials.