Rock Guard Awnings

We can make a custom fitted awning for your front window rock guard that matches your main awning.  Rock Guard Awnings can be made with the front valance only, or valance on all three sides.    Rock Guard Awnings are priced based on size, fabric choices, and valance design.   Follow the instructions on the diagram below to determine your measurements.  

Prices for Rock Guard awnings start at $99

How to Measure your Rock Guard

When measuring your rock guard for a custom awning, you will need to take the first two measurements when the rock guard is in the closed and latched position.   Using the reference picture on the above left, measure your rock guard from the farthest edges side to side for the width, and top to bottom for the height.   Once you have those measurements, fold open the rock guard to the full open position.   For the last measurement, you will need to measure the distance shown in the above right picture from the top corner to where the arm meets and/or latches onto the rock guard.